broken chair, spilled vase, drenched....

just as i was about to write my post last night - the pictures of the day had JUST finished loading off my camera - a silly husband attacked me. the chair went crushing away from underneath me, and we were both smack down on the floor - laughing hysterically.

Robert got up to take a picture of me still lying on the floor with pieces of chair scattered all around me when i noticed my leg was getting all wet. a vase full of flowers found its way down in the mess, too. OH my!

all of this was pretty funny until i saw that the water was seeping off the table THROUGH my computer and onto my leg. as the beloved Forrest Gump said - shit happens.

the macbook air is now propped up like a teepee over our heating vent where it has been all night. so today i am going to try what i find recommended on the web ( stick it in a pillow case, place it in a sealed plastic bag filled with rice and hope it sucks the moisture out over the next couple of days.

will keep you posted on the progress.
no pictures from yersterday, sorry - and i was so productive, too!

for now - its off to yoder's to try and find a LARGE bag of rice.... :-(