tax time - oh my

these last couple of days were spent going through all of Turner Construction's receipts 
and have sorting out all the tool/small equipment purchases for 2012 as our cat lay snoring away in her bed.

i have been learning how to use Quick Books, how to change all the wrong account numbers to the right ones per his accountant's wishes, and many other things i had no idea about, like converting estimates into invoices and balancing everything out in the end. i hear its important.Robert has now given me the job of doing Turner Construction's books from now on.i am not totally sure how i feel about it yet. on the one hand i am learning a lot of valuable skills and information that i will one day - hopefully - be able to use if my business gets off the ground. on the other hand it is practically torture for me to sit at a desk in front of a computer for hours on end. yet i also know, that if i do the books and keep up with it, it won't be hours on end as it has been these past few days.all in all, i am happy to be able to help Robert out in this way and be more involved in his everyday doings. and who does not like to spend time with Robert?