it's a raffle for drew fling!!!

our dear friends eric and deanna fling's 2.5 year old son drew was diagnosed with leukemia over christmas break. needless to say, their break was not much of one. 

endless worrisome days in the hospital, weeks of being on house arrest due to him being neutropenic and susceptible to anything due to his immune system being shot, and weekly long trips to the hospital in arlington va for drew's chemotherapy, spinal tap, and bone marrow biopsies have left this sweet little family exhausted.

since of last week drew is free of cancer. this has been the most wonderful news this year!
yet in order for him to stay cancer free he has 3 more years of weekly treatments ahead of him.

drew is an amazing trooper, he yet has his ups and downs like anyone. 
he is finally off steroids and dee says he is getting to be more and more like his old self:

there is only so much we can do for them - but we would like to do more. 
i will be raffling off this handmade butcher block - the proceeds will go to eric, dee, and their family:

- it is a one of a kind butcher block:
- made from local ash, cherry, walnut, and maple
- it is 10.5" x 12" in size 
- and it usually retails for $140

- it is a great size for chopping veggies or using as a cheese board for parties

- raffle tickets are $10 a piece

- these can be purchased on my website via paypal. 
- you may purchase as many tickets as you like for a greater chance of winning.
- tickets are available for purchase from feb 7th through march 8th, 2013
- on march 9th all the entries will be put in a hat and robert will draw the winner
- the winner will be announced on the website and this blog that evening, and the board shipped to them shortly thereafter.

please help by showing your support for the fling family and this precious little man!