pressure canning and old friends

yesterday i drove down to lynchburg, va to see some friends.
i realized i have known anita for 17 years now. w o w.
we have been in each others lives for more than half of it. it is wonderful and she has been a great blessing.
i was her maid of honor in her wedding and we have visited and managed to see each other almost every year, even though we were living all around the globe.
we have taken very different roads in life, but can still talk about anything - or be quiet.
we get along just fine and dandy and support each other - friends like that a rare, and i treasure it dearly.

we both love canning and get a great satisfaction from it -
knowing that there is food that came off our land right in our pantry all year long is pure awesomeness.

anita taught me how to pressure can venison yesterday in my new canner:
-pack the raw venison and your choice of seasonings into sterilized jars-
-at 11psi - cook venison for 70 min - *read instructions before operating*-

-let the pressure come down - voila - yummy venison-
today we were going to make fresh mozzarella, but - alas - her and her oldest son got a stomach bug that her daughters had last week and the two of them were not feeling well at all.
i got to hang out with the girls and baby boy this morning, read books, play games, make lunch, and have fun.

thanks my bud - i had a great time and hope you feel better so very soon!!!