pressure canning venison

i know - i did a post on this last week.... i really don't want to bore you. but this one is different - in some ways, because i did it all by myself - and it only freaked me out a little bit... ok a lot.
so a few days ago i packed all my jars with seasonings and venisons and had them all ready to go in the canner, when i realized i did not have the pressure regulator for the canner..... big UH-OH! not good at all!! after going through the trash and boxes several times, it turned out - i left it in Lynchburg. very frustrating. but anita is awesome and put it in the mail right away. i had it yesterday afternoon.

this morning i loaded up the canner - only 9 of the 10 jars fit, which is a little frustrating, but not the end of the world. cleaned the stove top off, and set the big beast on the giant burner.
after quite a while the water finally started boiling, and little bursts of steam and water started squirting and spewing out of the thingy that is supposed to "pop" up. this started freaking me out, and i totally chickened out and called my dear friend anita.
while she was telling me how this is totally normal - the thingy did "pop" and i felt relieved. so relieved.
the canner will not explode in my kitchen, as i have been dreading.

instead, the pressure started rising - i adjusted it to 11psi, at which the venison needs to cook for the 75 minutes...... it smells delicious!
after about another hour or so, the pressure dispersed and the time to check it out was finally here:
its still hot an bubbly - like a disco in a jar. big fat YUMMY!