this weeks failures

over the past week i attempted to:

- pressure can venison
- make home-made whole milk yoghurt
- make home-made kefir

so far:
- i packed 10 pint jars with venison, spices, and yumminess and was about to start the canning process when i realized that the pressure regulator for my pressure canner was missing. doh! not good!
i left it at my friends house when she gave me a lesson on pressure canning. so into the fridge everything went. she mailed me the regulator which arrived in the mails yesterday afternoon - thank you again - i will attempt doing it one more time this morning before heading into work at the Inn on this Valentine's Day.

- for some odd reason it is impossible to get whole milk yoghurt at the store in town, and the other stuff is just plain nasty. so i decided to give it a try and make it myself. 3 or 4 attempts at making yoghurt have failed in so so many ways: from still having liquid to having a spongy solid cheese like consistency. it left me running to the store a few times for more whole milk and now i have stuff in the fridge i can still put on my cereal, or bake with - but which in no way resembles yoghurt - only in its smell. i will try it again, one of these days.

- i added whole milk to the kefir grains i received got from my pal anita and let it sit on our counter. unfortunately, i forgot to stir and mix it all up, so after sitting for a few days, it smelled incredible, yet it was not thickening up. so i shook it all up and put it in a cupboard. a day later it was perfect. i strained it out and added some agave syrup and blackberry puree made from blackberries i harvested this past summer. it is yeasty, tart and delicious and i cannot wait for my next batch to get ready.