from lemons - to lemon aid - to firewood

today was a rough day.

this week i had a lot planned. milled a lot of wood that i so graciously received from my mother in laws friend over a year and half ago in exchange for some mild labour. it was her late husbands wood, and it was a lot of cherry, walnut, cedar and some oak. i have used up the best - it was frustrating to work with all along, as it appears that it has never been dried or stored properly.... so what is left is not the best anymore... i should have known...

i did the milling, ripping, and glueing up about 40 cutting boards worth of material and 6 sets of coasters earlier this week.

when running them through the planer to clean them up, i had a bunch of tear out in some of the cherry, and there were checks running through so many of the pieces that were revealed after this last round of planing. it was a sad and frustrating day.
of those 40 boards, only about 28 made it to see the end of today.... and some of them way, way waaaaaaay smaller than they should have been, trying to save what i could by cutting out and off some of the sections that were no usable. the same counts for the coasters - only one set survived.

i am so disappointed and down about it.

i guess the wood was pretty much free. yet the time involved feels so wasted.

and i wont get my goal done of restocking my inventory this month. but i suppose i will have enough for the first two shows coming up.

after this first show of the year - which will be in richmond on march 30th - i will turn around and invest in a trip to the lumber yard for some "real" wood.

and then will finish my restocking.

here's to a better day tomorrow.