march madness

starting monday morning there will be madness in the studio! madness i tell you
as the US is watching basketball this month, christina boy design will be restocking its inventory!!
fortunately, most of my inventory sold over the christmas holidays. which is wonderful.
craft shows and wine festivals and other events are coming up and i want to be prepared and have things ready to go.

on the list of making are:
cutting boards (ca. 75 ranging in price from $25-$85)
butcher blocks (ca. 25 ranging in price from $60-$150)
coaster sets (ca. 20 - sets of 4, 6, 8 starting at $25)
spreaders (ca. 150)
salad hands (ca. 30)
wine bottle holders (ca. 50)
small trays (ca. 20)
breakfast boards (individual boards and sets of 2 or 4)
small boxes of all kinds (ca. 25)
clocks (ca. 15)

these are the things i can think of at the top of my head.
if any of you can think of other fun items that could be sold at wine and food festivals -
- i am so totally open for suggestions!
its a lot to do - its pretty ambitious - i know. it will keep me very very busy.
yet it should also give me enough inventory to hopefully get me through half the year.
i know i may not be able to sand and finish them all in march, but even if i just have them constructed - it will be a huge advantage and help.
and if you get bored and want to do some sanding - come on over and help out. i will not say 'no'

let the madness begin!