today - my second day of sanding hell - things were looking good when all of the sudden my sander bit the dust. it simply would not could not turn on anymore. i can understand that it was a little overworked and tired after all the hours we put in. trust me - i was tired, too - but to bail on me like that. not cool.

i ordered a new one during my lunch break today, but since it will be a while for it to get here, i borrowed Robert's to finish the job. its nice to have a husband who also has tools.

with all the epic failures of the past 2 weeks - at least i had some success and now have at these 2 crates of goods and a VERY dusty and messy shop to show for it. These items are now awaiting to be saturated and rubbed down with walnut oil. i will ignore the fact that it should have been 3-4 crates of goods and be happy with what i did manage to salvage.