winter wonderland

after a very uneventful winter we finally had some snow today!!!
it was only about 8-10 inches, but it was beautiful. we also did not have power for the majority of the day - which was annoying, as i have so much to do this month make make make that inventory - lost 1/2 day monday taking robert's car to the shop and another one today due to power outage.... this does not bode well for the high volume production planned for march.

on the bright side, i cleaned our wood stove that is in the basement and made a fire in it to keep the house warm. i even attempted cooking on the top of the stove - the meal wasn't the best - but a good first try.

my that snow sure was pretty!
it snowed and snowed and snowed - but got too wet to play in it - which was quite the bummer, but got a surprise visit form friends who came to pick up buckeye. they love him.