edible landscaping

today, on a very rare saturday off, robert and i took a little trip into the mountains to go to edible landscapes greenhouses in afton after i cleaned the house and he built another raised bed.
not only was it a gorgeous gorgeous drive out there, but the place itself is a little slice of heaven.
they have eveything from berries and fruit trees, herbs and citrus to other exotic types of plants and it was purely delicious walking around and looking at all they had.
2 paw-paws trees, 2 fuzzy female kiwis, 1 fuzzy male kiwi, 1 red gooseberry, 1 black velvet gooseberry, 1 lavender provence, 1 rosemary, 2 black muscadine grapes, and 1 thai ginger root are now in our possession..... guess planting day is tomorrow for most of them ...... we'll have to build a trellis for the grapes and kiwis ...... so excited!!

and last, but at no means least, we stopped at belmont BBQ in charlottesville on the way home. YUM YUM YUM - slop bucket, i love thee.