making hay

after a really hard start this year financially, April seems like a very busy month....

- work at the restaurant has been picking up again, so i am getting more hours in there,
- i have picked up some work with another food joint in town,
- i am still doing book-keeping work for Turner Construction,
- the designer i have worked for in the past has new clients and i am doing the drafting for her,
- my friends are going to a convention in Vegas, and i get to office sit and answer phones.

i am also going to have a booth at the "Gnarly Hops and Barley Festival" in Culpeper the end of this month, so i have been busy in the studio getting ready for that - also making some new items - will definitely be posting about that in the next few days

so -yeah - that is 6 different jobs in 1 month.... some months there is nothing - now there is work galore.

as my dear husband said: "you gotta make hay when the sun is shining". so i am trucking away.

if there aren't as many blog posts this month - you will know why - i'll be out running between jobs - making hay - to buy some wood.