......you had us waiting - and i sure hope you are now here to stay for a while.....at least until summer gets here....... ok?

here are a few shots from yesterday - after a very very VERY long Easter weekend of working in the restaurant (1 rehearsal dinner + 2 weddings + 1 Easter Feast = 36 hours and 1 tired Tina) it was nice to go for a little walk around the yard and see how things are springing up and starting to bloom.
I love daffodils. they are so very triumphant and, in my eyes, the perfect flower to announce spring.
we have a big batch of them in the yard and they make me happy whenever i see them.

Robert did a lot of work in the garden while i was at work: new raised beds, plating of yummy things to come

the chickens are growing and i am pleased to say that all 8 of them are still alive. after getting new gravel for our road yesterday and doing some maintenance on it, i cleaned the coop and had a blast watching these little ladies for a while.