33 series fun

a couple months back my friend Katey Schultz purchased the first stool in the 33 series when she visited me during her residency at Lynchburg College. she immediately fell in love with them when she walked into my studio and HAD to have one. who could say no - or would want to?
(i don't think i have talked much about these stools - as i keep forgetting to take pictures - but promise i will soon do just that.) 
this week i received this email and video from her and her family, at who's house stool 1/33 resides:

We, the Schultz family, are speechless here in our little house on the hill. Who knew that your stool had such magical powers! Check out the attached photo and video. We have track lighting and a fan. And just look what it's doing...WOW!

so here is the little video they sent and hope you will enjoy it as much as i did when receiving it.