C.P. Johnson

yesterday morning tom and i went to a new-to-us hardwood lumber yard in culpeper, VA i found out about via craigslist just a few weeks back. C.P.Johnson Lumber was an amazing place. Huge selection and truly beautiful wood. Chris is so very knowledgeable and it was awesome talking to him and perusing the place.

one of my favorite parts was the bargain bin - there he has shorts and odds and ends of all kinds of woods - from poplar to oak, cherry, and curly or tiger maple - for just a few bucks a board, because they are warped or have some kind of other flaw in them prohibiting him from selling it for full price.
i spend quite a bit of time there, finding some very cool pieces.
-my loot-
after about 1.5 hours there, we loaded up the truck. tom got beautiful un-steamed walnut, regular cherry and some curly cherry he will be using as a detail in a credenza he is building for his daughter. i got the oak i need for the dining room table commission i just got: beautiful quarter-sawn 5/4 oak for the top regular 4/4 and 8/4 oak for apron and legs. then i also got this beautiful wide 4/4 to 5/4 quarter-sawn wormy oak and a bunch of odds and ends from the bargain bin - which is more like a whole wall.

you can already tell how pretty this oak is - even before milling it -
and i usually don't get too excited about oak