E. A. Clore and Sons

even though i am still al little under the weather, boredom got the better of me, and i took the table top to E. A. Clore and Sons in Madison today.
the place is magical - in so many ways. i did not have my camera with me - so here are a few picture from their website. please do go to their website and check out the factory tour. then you will see what i mean.
beautiful stacks of wood everywhere, bed post patterns that are over 100 years old, and the machinery to match the age. the place has a little bit of a willy wonka factory feel to it.
among other things, they have an amazingly, large belt sander:
it sands large items for you perfectly smooth! the machine has 3 consecutive belts in it - all different grits of sandpaper - so it sands 120, 150, 180 all in one swoop. the results are quick and beautiful. in about 10 minutes the top was done!
had i tried to attempt this with my little belt sander, i know i would have worked on it for hours and still would not have had a flat, fabulous surface. $31.50 well spent!

till next time, clore factory....