i am blessed.....

a couple weekends ago i was invited to a homecoming party for friends who had been gone all winter.
the invitation requested for everyone to be ready to share a blessing you've experienced this year.

as i was mulling this over in my head, many blessings came to mind. but which one did i want to share? i talked to robert about it - and he spoke right from my heart: its been a real blessing that you have been able to keep working in your shop all year - so right he is!!

this is a huge blessing - and it is a blessing that is due to many other blessings in my life:

  • i am blessed with a husband who believes in me and supports me in going for it
  • i am blessed with friends and family who are my biggest fans and are huge supporters and collectors of my work - and are the reason why i have a studio/shop in the first place
  • i am blessed with a husband who grows food for us, so that we have enough to eat and be as healthy as we can on a tight budget
  • i am blessed with enough odd jobs here and there to keep me from getting a full time job 
  • i am blessed that therefore i can pay my bills myself and don't have to fall back on Robert and keep some financial independence
  • i am blessed with more and more custom/commission work 
  • i am blessed that there is always just enough - enough love, enough support, enough patience, enough sleep, and enough money to keep going - one month at a time.

this is just a small amount of blessings that i can think of as i write this. i know there are many more.
-some of my beloved, supportive, and awesome family-
i ended up not being able to attend the homecoming after all, but thought i would share these thoughts with you all because you are these blessings in my life.

thank you!

what is a blessing that you have experienced this year? would love to hear about it!