quick and dirty

a few months ago this chair became the reason why my laptop battery was fried - you can read all about it here and here if you like. since then its just been laying on the floor in our great room - a tripping hazard. i finally took it to the shop this week and did a quick and dirty fix today while waiting for the paint on the table to dry.
i dug out all the old, broken pieces, re-drilled the holes in both legs and also got the leg that had broken off to fit back into. then i took a left over deck spindle that Robert always brings me back from jobs - who know when one would be able to use them - cut the ends off, and took a spoke shave to the ends to make them fit into the re-drilled holes. 
 - and then to highlight the boo-boo, i painted it red. if you have to be different from the rest - might as well make it stand out and not try to blend in - as you can never quite do that anyway. plus, it will add a splash of color to the room.