"team work .....

.....makes the dream work"
...this was always said by my fellow core student Joshua Kuenstig. 

this friday, Robert and lived it.

for a while now (maybe even since i've known him) Robert has been wanting to put a drain ditch in the front corner of our property with a retraining wall. that area always has standing water in it.
this past weekend Robert scored a bunch of retaining wall bricks at a "yard sale" at MWP (Madison Wood Preservers - our local building supply company). thursday he dug a ditch and started with the blocks, but he did not get very far, as working alone is sometimes quite tasking - and can get frustrating.

so i told him i would help him on friday.
together, we made it happen: in the 85 degree sun, with some snakes saying hi and a mammal under the ground that we could see moving around - and despite the bricks weighing about 40 lbs each and felt like they kept getting heavier and heavier with each one - we got it all done
since we finished, we have decided that its not done yet..... it is looking a little lost and unfinished.

we want the wall to be a little longer and then curve around - the wall will become the front edge of a raised bed of sorts - then we can plant some blueberry bushes or something similar edible and maybe something flowering in there to make it a little bit friendlier.
so - we will work on it some more this weekend... or in the coming days....