the left index incidents:

sometimes i wonder how much more damage can possibly be done to my left index finger.
so far it has been:

  • cut by bandsaw 
  • drilled into
  • sanded off tip with belt sander
  • hit by exploding grinding wheel at 65.000 rpm
these are just the incidents i remember and can count my scars against. there might be more....

then, yesterday morning at work at the Inn, as i was chopping up bacon for the chopped salad, i chopped right into said finger, cut through the nail and side of finger. (the side that is not numb from being sanded off) yeah, it hurt, but it has hurt worse in the past. 

if anyone wants to see a picture, i will post one. i have just been chastised so many times in the past for posting one - therefore - no pic this time.

left index, i do love you! a lot. and could not imagine my life without you. so please stay.