this past monday i said goodbye to my dear friend Rebecca after she came with me to get milk from my herd share for breakfast. it was delightful to see bob again. he was showing us his teeth. 
it was really wonderful seeing Rebecca - as we figured it has been 3 was too long years!!!!
later in the day i went to a job site with Robert as he needed me to make some panels that had to match this old beautiful wormy chestnut built in.
i think that is a pretty darn good match. what do you think?
also - i love it when the first set up for a lap-joint fits on the very first try! yeah!

on another note, what also happened this monday was that i became somewhat grown up. 
as a customer made a check out to "christina boy design" the bank made me open up a business account. its a little bit scary, but exciting at the same time. 
-here's to mondays-
and to big things hopefully happening to "christina boy design" to keep that business account.