One of those days:

Today did not start out as a very good day: when I looked outside the windows this mornings  to check to see if my all chickens were up and about, I only saw a big white thing under the fence and feathers everywhere. I scrambled out there only to find my spunky little white leghorn chicken -fondly named after the dr. Seuss character "thing 2"- headless and lifeless laying there with her feathers strewn all about.

It was heartbreaking.

After cleaning up the mess and taking her into the woods, I went back out to check on the others and promptly fell down the entire back stairs as they were wet from the never ending rain. It took me a while to gather myself in my wet state, but managed to get back up and was fine. All I could really think about was how "thing 1" would react about her counterpart being missing. She went looking. Flew over the fence to check out the situation.

After getting "thing 1" back into the pin in all the rain, i went about my day: roasted off some peppers, chatted with the man from Trinidad who came to tint our giant windows, took my neighbor Amy to work, dropped off 2 dozen eggs, went to the bank, the store, and finally home again to draft a kitchen nook and size a table.
I received the first order for 2 service trays I designed for my friend mark. How very exciting is that! Yet during all of that my shoulder started hurting like crazy. And I remembered the fall. 


What a day.
Ups and downs. 

Robert decided to treat me to dinner at the "light-well" after this crazy day, and it was good.
thank goodness. 

Now I have jars in the canner and salsa on the stove. It smells amazing. But my shoulder still hurts and my heart is still heavy. 

I guess this is all part of the circle of life.