traay production - days 3, 4, 5

this week there were ups and downs in the production - the double sided tape and a new router bit came in. so very exciting! and i had a little birdie joining me for an afternoon when he flew in and could not find his way out for the longest time.
yet then some of the cherry tore out so much on the planer that i had to make mill and make some new trays, the router bit snagged some wood and provided some nasty tear out - that took some time to fix, and a stop i had put on something came loose and tore a huge hole into one of the large trays... 
but i was productive, setbacks - yes- but all in all good. i am learning how to make multiples of the same thing look the same, and production work so far is not as bad as i expected.
i think i will be ready for the dreaded sanding of things by the end of today, latest tomorrow, as i need to shape all the handles by hand before then.

thanks for checking on my progress.