traay production - day 2:

day 2 was not much of a day. i think i spent about 2 hours in the shop, max. i did not realize i was out of double sided tape and looked all over town for some. but all they have is cheap carpet tape that will not hold up to the RPMs of the router nor the dust of my shop.
therefore i had to order some online, it got shipped the same day, so hopefully it will be here by the end of the week, or early monday. i only got a little bit further on the trays. 
maybe just a bit more than is crossed off the list.
so they are in a good position to go pretty far early next week when the templates can be attached with the tape. and the router madness can start! YEAH!

ps - just got word that 2 of the large service trays were sold on the HAAND website! super! 
so very exciting! guess there will be more milling of wood tomorrow.