kicking ass doing maintenance around the house:

Having had my little sister Sandy visiting on and off for the past two months has been really wonderful. Not only is she wonderful company and fun to hang out with, but she has been an amazing help around the shop, the kitchen, and the house in general.

This past week we got a lot done!
We finished the downstairs bathroom after painting- installed a light, hung a new-to-the bathroom mirror and the shower rod back up, reorganized the guest room and moved furniture around after painting was finished there. 

In the shop we sanded trays for the "one kings lane" sale my HAAND buddies Mark and Chris had this past week - and of which i saw this ad on my Facebook page....what fun!
While in the studio we also "shabby-chiqued" up a chair I have had in a barn for 3 years to be a seating option in the guest room. We sanded it down, painted parts and reupholstered the seat in this awesome chevron burlap material: 
Wednesday we ran errands, finished up some loose ends, and dug a very very long ditch out to the chicken habitat to get electricity out there as we don't want the chicks to be cold this winter.
This way we can hook up a lamp, etc so they stay warm and get enough light to have them keep laying eggs through the winter.
At least that is the hope.
They are currently not laying very consistently.

Thursday we picked out a hopefully warm inviting paint color for the basement walls, as we will be transforming part of the basement into a second guest room, and started painting, patching holes and cleaning up!
Things are looking good and it is a nice feeling to get stuff done.
And an even nicer because you are doing it with someone else and not all alone.

Thursday evening, and all day Friday and Saturday i worked at the Inn, but Sunday we were productive again at the house by raking leaves, shredding them into mulch for the garden and bagging them. lots of work, and more on the way..... as we only got part of the yard

Thank you Sandy!!
you are awesome, and i would not get even half of it done without you here.
(Robert is not too shabby either)
Love you both!!