new project! day one:

earlier this year i donated a piece "red barn" to the Penland Annual Benefit Auction. 
a couple that bid on my piece was not able to win it, therefore i was contacted and asked, if i were able to make them the same piece again, as they have a very cool glass sculpture that they want to display on it in their home.
due to not having the same roofing metal anymore to make the exact same table we decided to go with copper roofing instead, as the sculpture has copper accents in it.
after my 1947-ish bandsaw fell and busted some parts, it has been difficult finding and getting new parts. therefore, i have been putting this project off for a while. 
i could not wait for the parts any longer, so i got over myself, 
and built this simple taper jig to cut the legs/parts for the frames.
best thing ever!!!
got all the parts cut, the angles lap-joints cut and the frames glued up!

will post more as the project progresses. thank you for reading.