smooth operator:

earlier this year i purchased myself a new jointer. 
my old jointer was not really doing its job anymore and i had a great holiday season.
so i sold the old one on craigslist last sunday to make room for the new one.
-with great anticipation it finally arrived yesterday- 
the so called arrival between 1-4PM turned into more of a 4.30PM.
but all was good, the truck did not get stuck in the mud, as the grumpy delivery guys feared.
a tractor saved the day and brought it right into my shop through the double doors:
but it was so very heavy. 
i could not assemble it all by myself.
big, big muscle was needed for sure
this morning robert and some elves heaved the 300lbs monster up in its base for me.

when i got in this morning, i got to bolt it down, install the belt and other parts.
i went to MWP to got a longer power-cord 
(they are never ever long enough on these machines) 
and a different plug to fit my high voltage outlet.
- my dear father in law helped me assemble that -
finally it was ready to be turned on and taken for a test drive:
it hummed such a beautiful sound.
- and - it - cuts-
- so - perfectly -
- so - so - smooth -
the wood feels like a baby's bottom
it is the most beautiful thing in my shop!!!

a huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this either by purchasing things from me this year, or contributing to it in other ways. it is pure joy to be able to do what i love, with machines that work so well. thank you for making this possible!