chewy fruit-nut-bars:

when robert and i decided to cut sugar out of our diet the beginning of the year, 
we were missing some sweet things to snack on here and there. so i have made a few batches of bars like this, that are packed chock full of healthy yumminess and so easy to make:
 this batch consists of raw almonds and cashews, organic raisins, dates, chia seeds and oats
i dont really follow any recipes. as for amounts - there is more fruit than nuts to make it sticky
 put it all in a blender together
 get it to the right consistency - i had to add more raisins.
in the past i have also used apricots and added some orange zest. 
one really great things about these bars or bites is that one can really customize these to whatever flavors and tastes one prefers
form a square or something to easily cut into cubes or bars on some wax or freezer paper.
for easier cutting, store in fridge for a while to harden just a wee bit.
play with your own combinations and let me know what you like.