from scraps to ....... :

every time i am working on a project i save my cut-offs and scraps and put them in different piles around the shop. 
 knowing full well that i will still be able to use them for something, they keep piling up.
this week i had enough of all the random piles everywhere - they were getting too big to ignore and some i had to move to use my tools. so i started processing them into something useful.
long skinny strips and other parts became cutting boards. what i could no longer use for those were turned into tons of spreaders. smaller cut offs became salad hands, and hearts for mother's day 
and a few were big enough to make little trays like the ones i made earlier this week for a lady in Richmond
i have not processed everything, 
and all these things are going to need a good long shaping and sanding. 
but i thought it was an excellent start in cleaning up. 
its a lot of good product i can sell that got made with things others would have just thrown out. 
whatever was not possible to save or make anything out of has gone into the kindling bin to get the fire started every morning.
even the sawdust gets put into the barn to be used for bedding for the calf my father in laws took in and cares for after its mother passed away at birth. 
so in the end, nothing goes to waste