this past weekend i had a show at the modern furniture store laDifference in Richmond VA
it was hosted by the wonderful people of viva-la-local and was really really great! 
not only was it really well organized and marketed, but the atmosphere and vibe were grand, 
everyone was so delightful and went out of their way to make you look outstanding.
here are a few shots from my set up made with my new camera 
(which i still need to learn a lot about): 

i cannot tell you how fantastic it was to see my things in a modern furniture store, 
surrounded by great design.
after all the hiccups, rain, and disappointments with shows last year, it was wonderful to start the year off with a successful one. thank you so much Tyler, Laura and Bill and all of you at LaDiff for making this an event to remember!

you can see more pictures of this wonderful day on the viva-la-local facebook page