adventures in aquaponics: take one: the beginnings

my dearly beloved has a new project he is working on:
an aquaponics system for the back yard
he started on it this past month, weather permitting, he's coming along little by little...
 building the tank and structur and lining the tank with pond-liner
 extending our gutter/downspout to direct the rain to flow in to the tank to start filling the beast up with the 300-350 gallons of water it will need
it is filling... 
we could use a really good rain.
he got the pump this week and has been working on installing that, 
some of the fittings were not right, so he is making magic and trying to make it all work together.
as soon as we get enough water in and the pump up and running we can get some gold fish to acclimate the water to get the right bacteria growing so we can start farming tilapia.
salad and herbs will be planted in the gutters above 
which will get watered and fertilized by the fishy-water that will get pumped through the gutters and run back into the tank
its an exciting project he has going on here, and i cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

thanks for looking.
will post more pics as the project progresses.