close call:

yesterday evening i almost lost my sweet Lucretia bird. 
i was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, when all of a sudden i see my brother in law chasing his dog around our yard. all i could see were feathers flying everywhere. 
he had Lucretia. 
i flew out the door and started yelling and going after him, too.
somehow she got away and was deep inside an azalea bush.
she appeared not to be breathing.
after dog and owner left, i saw her little body starting to heave. up and down. up and down.
she was alive!
after watching her a while i left her to regain her composure. 
within the hour she started stirring. 
i went back outside and started feeding the other chickens hoping this would coax her out.
slowly she started coming across the yard, came up to me and ate some treats out of my hand.
i looked her over, and miraculously, despite missing quite a lot of her tail and hind feathers, she seemed unharmed.
-Lucretia in the snow a few weeks back-
this morning i saw her pacing the fence, as she does before she flies the coop.
i saw a chicken go up to her as if she was trying to tell her: 
"don't do that again....remember what happened yesterday?" 
she attempted it though, yet did not make it up on the ledge.
i wonder how long it will take my spunky, freedom loving girl to recover and break free once more.
guess she will always live life on the edge.