farewell my flock:

While we were out of town this past weekend doing a show in Lynchburg, a pesky, scheming fox dug his way under the fence of the chicken habitat and depleted my entire flock of chickens sometime Saturday afternoon.

It was a very very sad day. 
I could tell Robert was very hesitant telling me the news after he talked to his father that morning who had gone over to feed and water them, only to find them dead.
The drive home was hard.
I didn't exactly know what I would find and got more anxious the closer we got to home.
They were my first flock.
I got them 1.5 years ago as baby chicks and have learned so much from them and about them.
A very very depressing sight met us. The yard was covered in feathers, the habitat and coop a white mess, as though it had snowed. In the midst of it all I was able to see my four reds, laying lifeless, eyes closed. dead. The whites were nowhere to be found.

My sweet birds. 
Now they are gone.
Lucretia, my favorite chicken, gone. 
Every. Single. One. 

Thanks to Anita I came home with new baby birds that day. 
She had a few hatch 3 weeks ago, and a few last weekend, so she gave me 6 sweet chicks. 
They are a cross between Black Australorp rooster and a Buff Orpington hen.
they are cuties.
Their peeping and happy chirping made that drive more bearable, and they have been a huge joy and comfort to watch and have around.
Thanks dear friend.