over the past month i have been hard at work making this table for this wine cellar:
pretty much everything was provided by the clients: all the air dried walnut wood came from their property which was dried and stored in a shed and an attic, which we dug out one afternoon. 
it had some of the most beautiful coloring, spalting, grain and warmth to it.
simply gorgeous!! 
it was a little hard to work with, as it was air dried, 
not stacked and weighted properly, so it was very, very warped. 
They have a vineyard and an apple orchard, and either sell their grapes to local vineyards or make their own personal wine. 
therefore, they had this old wine barrel from Horton Vineyards which they wanted me to incorporate.
it was so much fun and it smelled so good!
last but not least, the beast of the project, was a large copper sink, which, next to the staves of the barrel were the driving design for size and proportions, esthetics, etc..
even though this was a project that esthetically is a lot more conservative and traditional 
in design and build, it was still a lot of fun to make. 
many challenges, a lot was learned, and the most important thing, 
the clients were very happy with it!
many, many thanks to my new friend and fellow artist Alana Fuller who helped me with the installation and took these photos.
another post with process/work in progress pictures will come soon.