over the years i have had the great fortune to work on collaborations with amazing artists and makers. 

haand, Eli Whitney, NC

one of my favorite collaborations was designing and making a set of trays for the guys at HAAND in North Carolina:

Sarah Loertscher, Seattle, WA

the  tangram trivet  + puzzle set is made of solid brass, copper, and aluminum, and backed with sturdy cork to leave tabletops scratch-free. assemble all the pieces to create a trivet or coaster, or deconstruct to enjoy one of the world's oldest puzzles. each set is housed in a handmade box made of sassafras wood with a letterpress printed guide.

sarah loertscher rediscovered this game which was one of her favorite things from her elementary school math class which brought on this wonderful collaboration between us and Jenny Wittlinger, who printed  the letterpress guide.

clara works, Richmond, VA

clara cline is super talented at lettering and illustrating. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on some ideas with her.

the laser engraving was done by Big Secret, also from Richmond, VA

Phoenix Handcraft - Richmond, VA

when received the samples for the Stoney Creek Hospitality project, the fabric sample especially stood out to me. they screamed - "do a collaboration with Johannah Willsey!" so we did, and integrated her beautiful mosaics in a couple different ways: