I'm always thrilled to make something specifically for a client.  in this section you will find a selection of commissions i have made over the years. please contact me if there is anything you would like to have built for yourself!


Montpelier - Mere Distinction of color

In 2017 I had the great honor and privilege to work on the exhibit "Mere Distinction of Color" at former president James Madison's estate Montpelier. We designed benches and stools that were simple, rustic, yet modern all at the same time. The 14 benches and 12 stools were built from white oak that had grown, prospered, and were cut down on the property. While building these benches i often wondered what these trees had seen: had had happened under them, in them, and around them. The repetition of these benches and stools became very rhythmic and methodic which gave me a lot of time to think about the people this exhibit is about. Working on these benches was very humbling, as it made me address and question my own white privilege - i am very thankful that i had the time to wrestle with these uncomfortable questions.  It is a beautifully done and very relevant exhibit - I highly recommend anyone to go check it out. 

Many Thanks to Jennifer Glass for hiring me for this project and to Christ Thomas for taking the incredible photos

stoney creek hospitality sculpture

for more information about this commission, please read the corresponding blogpost 

dental cabinet - Revamp

this was a very fun and special project to work on for my dear friend and fellow artist David Chatt. he gave me the old dental cabinet, which still had some tools and other parts in it, a few of his amazing collections of things, and he gave me free range of design and execution. 


made for my friend Chris Thomas from a tractor set he found in the woods during one of his photo shoots, and reclaimed heart of pine from some salvaged church pews.

Wine Cellar Table

build for clients that have a vineyard, this table sits in their private wine-room and is made from air dried walnut harvested off their property, and an old red wine barrel they had laying around. the staves of the barrel were repurposed into shelved for bottles.

Jewelry Box

made out of wormy chestnut from a barn the client salvaged off his uncles the property in Maryland, this jewelry box was the graduation gift for his daughter, alongside a custom made pendant. 

The Beast

an armoire for a guest room in Arlington, VA - since the house has a rather small stairway, this armoire was built in 4 parts - a base, two cases and crown. made from poplar, painted with a mirror, hanging rod, 4 upholstered drawers and hardware picked out by client.


dining room table for a group home in Culpeper, VA - oak base with quarter sawn oak table top