Box That! An Introductory Woodworking Class for Women

  • Chestnut Creek School of the Arts 107 West Oldtown St Galax, VA 24333 USA

In response to the interest shown by a number of folks, the Woodworking studio at CCSA is pleased to announce a class designed for women, to give them an introduction to the various tools and processes involved in woodworking.

Beginning with raw lumber, you will learn how to read the grain in a piece of wood, and use fundamental tools and techniques to prepare the wood for work.  This class will provide students with experience using the joiner, planer, tablesaw, bandsaw, sanders and a variety of hand tools.  Students will learn to design, make, and finish their personal wooden box.

We will cover the basics of wood properties, the milling of rough lumber into usable stock, cutting out and gluing up your individual shapes, and finishing your box to give it your own personal touch, be it by texturing, painting or shading it silky smooth.

September 16
Indie Craft Parade