Inside the Studio

building the studio

during the summer of 2011 - instead of going on a honeymoon with my sweet man - he helped me built a studio instead.

this space - in which i spend many days and hours a week - would not have been possible with the help of the following people who gave from their hearts to make mine soar. they donated time, materials, lunches, labour and financially to the SHOP - a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you!!!!!

Robert Turner, Charles + Loyonne Turner, Dieter + Mary Boy, Judy Boy Wagoner, Katie Hudnall, Chris + Shauni Thomas, Sandra Boy, Bruce + Julia Overton, Zac Lopez-Ibanez, WES Stitt, George and Susan Wagoner, Angela Letizia, Frank Loertscher, Chris Todd, Mike Davis, Laura Lyons, John Boy, Kiara Pellissier, Amanda + Garreth McAdam, Katie + Tony Sundermeier, Corinna Jentzsch, Dr. John McGuire, Robyn Puryear, Adrienne Phillips, Jason Daniels, Cheryl Burnett, Amy Tavern, Jason Burnett, Anne Wagoner Ford + Graham Ford, Anita Moree, Susie Silbert, Jessica Harrington, Leslie Noell + Hoss Haley, Joel Woods, Nathan Cowan, Benjamin Brockmann,